Families of evacuees block the entrance to Jerusalem

Families of evacuees block the entrance to Jerusalem

The entrance to Jerusalem was blocked a short time ago (Saturday) by families of evacuees from the north, who are protesting the conduct of the government and the security establishment on the matter. The residents announced the establishment of the headquarters of the “Fighting for the North” struggle, and going on extensive protest marches in the coming weeks.

Raphael Slab, founder of Lobby 1701, a member of the headquarters management and a resident of Kiryat Shmona, said on the spot: “We have stopped being silent. We are friends and families from the north who want victory. It is time to refer to Hezbollah as Lebanon, and Lebanon as Hezbollah. It cannot be that we sit here for eight months and do not defeat these enemies. The residents are strong, the IDF is strong, the reserves are strong, and we need one decision: to win!”.

Later, Slab called the War Cabinet and the Defense Political Cabinet: “Start putting pressure on us, come meet with us, come out to win in the North!”. The residents are expected to privately contact the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet and demand that they meet with them.

Another evacuee added: “We just started, today we left after a period in which we tried to voice our cry. It seemed that we were transparent, but it's over. The north will not return without a military operation that will bring us back home with dignity. The entire people of Israel should wake up and support us in this struggle. Otherwise It will reach every home in Israel.”

Slav concluded: “We heard that Minister Dermer and Tzachi Hanegbi went on a mission to save the 1701 agreement. We will not agree to return home with a surrender agreement. We want victory and security. After eight months of silence we announce: We will not be silent anymore!”

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