A terrorist's body was found, the suspicion that an anti-tank missile hit the NMR was investigated

A terrorist's body was found, the suspicion that an anti-tank missile hit the NMR was investigated

After the fatal explosion of the engineering APC in the Tel a-Sultan neighborhood in West Rafah, in which eight IDF soldiers fell, the body of the terrorist suspected of direct involvement in the incident was found. This discovery may strengthen the assessment that the terrorist was involved in one of two possibilities: firing an anti-tank missile at the APC or attaching a powerful explosive device to the vehicle.

The IDF is currently conducting an in-depth examination of the connection between the terrorist who was eliminated and the circumstances of the explosion of the APC. The explosion occurred at 5:00 in the morning, when the convoy in which the APC was traveling was on its way to the building where the fighters planned to spend the night. The APC, which was the fifth or sixth in the convoy, was very badly damaged by the powerful explosion.

One of the possible causes of the explosion is a powerful charge that was activated remotely, possibly through their observation. Other vehicles were traveling on the exact same axis in front of the damaged APC and were not damaged, which strengthens the hypothesis that it is a charge that was activated in a planned and precise manner.

The APC that was hit was a NMR (Engineering APC) model and carried in its sides many explosive materials used by the engineering soldiers in their operations, including to build explosives and mines. As a result of the explosion of the charge, the additional explosive materials exploded and intensified the intensity of the explosion. The IDF states that the materials are installed on the APC in a way that should not damage the interior compartment of the fighters, therefore a thorough investigation into this issue is required.

The APC was hit while it was moving on the axis, not standing still, and at first they ruled out the possibility that it was hit by an anti-tank missile, but when the terrorist's body was found, the suspicion arose again that it might have been hit by a shot and not by an explosive device. Only two hours after the explosion, IDF forces were able to approach the APC and evacuate it. The vessel was towed to a secure area under Israeli control within the Gaza Strip for further treatment and inspection.

The discovery of the body of the suspected terrorist adds a new dimension to the investigation. The IDF is now checking the exact details that could link the terrorist to the explosion incident. Every little detail may provide new insights and clarify the circumstances of the incident more fully.

This tragic event is a painful reminder of the dangers that exist in combat operations in conflict zones and the complex challenges faced by IDF fighters. The investigation will continue and it will be necessary to examine all the details in depth in order to understand what exactly happened and draw lessons for the future.

Illustration. Photo: Ariel Harmoni, Ministry of Defense

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