The Basic Reserve Law will be submitted to the Ministerial Committee

The Basic Reserve Law will be submitted to the Ministerial Committee

In the background of the difficult Shabbat events in Gaza and further to the announcement by the chairman of Religious Zionism, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, on the promotion of the basic law for the reservists that he practiced together with the Hershkowitz family who lost their son Yossi the 14th during the fighting in Gaza, today (Sunday) a ministerial committee for legislation will discuss the law that was submitted By MK Ohad Tal and Knesset members of the religious Zionist faction alongside Knesset members from other factions.

The bill will bring about a change in the order of national priorities – recognition of the reserve officers and the creation of significant and exceptional priority for the reserve officers.

According to the bill, reserve service will be recognized as a fundamental value and benefits will be given in the state services in several areas, such as priority in land tenders of the Israel Land Authority, discounts in the purchase of land and preference in employment in the civil service, in university admission, in admission to day care centers and in state procurement tenders.

In the background of the law is the understanding that the reservists are the spearhead of the IDF and pay very heavy prices. They go from civilian life to military life in a few moments and pay family and financial prices, and as we have unfortunately come to know – they also pay with their health, and even with their lives.

“In its 76 years, the State of Israel did not know how to make the reservists more expensive, put them at the top of its happiness and give them special preference. The War of Iron Swords sharpened the necessity of the reserve army for the national security of the country, as a clear condition for total victory,'' the explanation for the bill reads.

Chairman of the Religious Zionist Party, Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich: “The reserve law is a significant addition to the limited set of basic laws of the State of Israel. From the beginning of the war, I placed the concern for the reservists at the top of my priorities and accordingly we implemented the reservists plan for a total of 9 billion, preferences in the purchase of an apartment, in the state tenders and other measures.

Atad said: “The Reservists Basic Law will be a significant milestone in recognizing the critical contribution of the reservists and beyond the value aspect of its legislation, it will assist in the addition and implementation of additional benefits for the reservists. The Hershkowitz family amazes us all in the way they deal with the loss of their son Yossi Hayd who fell heroically On the battlefield and this law, submitted together with you, out of respect and appreciation for Yossi the 4th and the many heroes this war has known.

He also added: “I thank MK Ohad Tal for submitting the law and promoting it, the members of the Knesset from the religious Zionist faction and all the members of the Knesset from all the Zionist factions for their support for this important law.” We will continue to place the reserves as a priority.'

The initiator and presenter of the law, MK Ohad Tal: “This is a historic step and a fundamental change of perception of the state towards those who chose to serve. The law gives them special recognition and will allow to reward those who serve in a special way according to the principle that those who give more should also receive more.”

archives. Photo: Knesset spokeswoman – Dani Shem Tov

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