The police arrested a protester on suspicion of violating public order and lighting fires

The police arrested a protester on suspicion of violating public order and lighting fires

Tonight (Saturday) the Israel Police was deployed in large forces for security and maintaining public order, as part of a planned protest.

The Israel Police approved the request to hold the protest tonight, in accordance with the conditions established with the organizers. Kaplan Street and Azrieli Junction were closed to the protestors in order to allow a balance between the freedom to protest legitimately, and the freedom of movement with minimal disruption to routine.

Despite the approval given and the discussion with the organizers regarding a regulated complex and conditions, a handful of demonstrators lit bonfires and clashed with the police, a suspect in bonfires was arrested and handed over for questioning. Despite the dangers involved in lighting bonfires, violators break the law and endanger themselves and all the participants. We call on the demonstrators to behave responsibly and not to violate the order.

We take seriously the violations of order, which cause the police to divert forces that are engaged in security tasks and maintaining public safety. We will act with zero tolerance towards those who disrupt the order and will not listen to the policemen's instructions.

The Israel Police considers the right to protest as a cornerstone in a democratic country and allows protests as long as they are held within the framework of the law, at the same time the police will not allow disturbances of any kind or damage to freedom of movement and any behavior that may endanger the safety of the public.

Photo: Police Spokesperson

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