Flyers were attached to the windshields of the revelers who came to Eyal Golan's concert

Flyers were attached to the windshields of the revelers who came to Eyal Golan's concert

The tens of thousands of revelers who came last night (Sunday) to Eyal Golan's concert at the Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv were surprised to discover at the end of the concert that all the vehicles parked in the stadium parking lot had flyers attached to them against the singer. In the flyers were written messages such as “Foot Mobile – to come to Eyal Golan's concert is to support the exploitation of young women and minors” and “the audience is dressed in white, the concert is tarnished”, accompanied by a quote from one of the complainers against the singer. The protest was led by the activities of the “Political Calling” organization, which published documentation of the event on social networks.

Reactions to the protest were mixed. Many spenders were outraged by this and claimed that it was “an eyesore”. One of the passers-by said: “People are lifeless, bored. Really, to go car to car to stick a sticker… We live in a country of law, which says that as long as a person has not been convicted and found guilty, he is innocent.”

On the Instagram page of the “Political Korat” organization, the commenters actually supported it. One of them wrote: “To all the beautifiers who justify this scoundrel – let's see you keep quiet about an adult who messes with your little daughter. Shame! This person should be in jail!!”.

As I recall, the singer was investigated in the “Party Games” case, also called the “Eyal Golan and minors case” in 2014 on suspicion of having sexual relations with minors in violation of the law. However, Golan denied the accusations, and some of the girls even admitted that the singer's father ordered them to lie to him about their age. The investigation file against him was closed due to lack of evidence and without filing an indictment against him. After the case was closed, Golan claimed that he had fallen victim to the girls' false complaints.

The event at Bloomfield Stadium sparks a wide-ranging public debate on issues of freedom of speech, support for artists who have been investigated for sexual offenses and the justice system. On the one hand, some argue that every person should be allowed to continue his life as long as he has not been convicted in court. On the other hand, there are those who believe that one should refrain from supporting artists who have been investigated for serious crimes, even if they have not been convicted, in order not to grant them public legitimacy.

Photo: Politicli Korat
Eyal Golan - protest - flyers
Photo: Politicli Korat

Photo: “Political Korat” organization

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