A blind mouthpiece that backs up every action of the leadership

A blind mouthpiece that backs up every action of the leadership

Member of Knesset Tali Gottlieb of the Likud attacked the journalist and presenter on Channel 14, Yanon Magal, on her X account and wrote that “those who destroy the right-wing camp are people like Yanon Magal! A megalomaniac, a blind whistleblower, who backs up every action of the leadership with zero responsibility for the sake of the country's security and resilience of the state. Blind when they break the siege of Gaza, when they put fuel into Hamas, when they bring aid to the enemy in times of war, when they open Kerem Shalom, when they wait months for an attack in Rafah, when the enemy mocks our zero deterrence against them, when they establish a port in Gaza, when they wait months to attack Hezbollah, when the radical left destroys The strength of the state incites violence and refusal, when no one in the government is able to fire a female prosecutor who undermines the ideas of the right. Blind when emergency rooms are closed, and when terrorists are released under the cabinet's nose. A blind man who one day calls for the firing of Gallant, and the next day backs up the complete opposite.” And she added, “a dangerous blind man who relies on the sympathy of the audience and is unable to ask pointed and painful questions about the October inferno.”

MK Tali Gottlieb Vinon Magal. Photo: X network

“Magal, your briefings against me embarrass you. I am not like you Magal. I will always do what is right for the people of Israel, not what anyone or his advisors say. I will not listen to Netanyahu say that Gaza cannot be settled and I will be silent like a cowardly fish. I will not hear him say Things that do not correspond to reality. I will demand from the leadership more forcefully. I will demand that those who fail the chances of victory are blind. Gottlieb wrote and added, “They want elected officials who are honest and ethical. The right at its core is the glory of donation and military service. And the ultra-Orthodox will adapt to the obligation to get under the stretcher and we will of course find a fair formula for Torah students.”

“Until then, you will continue to strike and taunt and guide against me.” Gottlieb continued, “Unlike you, I use God's name in vain and call myself 'righteous' no less, and forget what humility is. I believe with all my heart that everything is from God. Everything! You should memorize it. And I will continue in my holy way to act in accordance with the values ​​of the right-wing Likud party Without fear, and you will continue to love yourself a little too much with good news for the people of Israel and God's blessing for the strength of our mighty soldiers.”

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