Four cities will be awarded the construction of thousands of housing units per year

Four cities will be awarded the construction of thousands of housing units per year

At its meeting today (Wednesday), the management of the Israel Land Authority approved four new roof agreements with four local authorities in the scope of 60,000 housing units – which will result in annual marketing of approximately 10,000 units – in Jerusalem, Nes Ziona, Netivot and Ofakim.

The scope of the housing units in the four roof agreements:
Jerusalem – 14 programs, amounting to 5,295 units – of which 2,553 units are for marketing this year
Ness Ziona – 7 programs, 5,767 in the scope of units – of which 1037 have already been published
horizons – 5 plans, 17,727 in the scope of units – of which marketing of about 2500 units per year is planned
routes – 2 plans, in the scope of 32,020 units of which the planned marketing of about 3000 units per year

As part of the umbrella agreements, the state will transfer billions of shekels to the local authorities for the benefit of infrastructure solutions, roads, drainage, electricity and water transportation, alongside the development and upgrading of public utilities that will help the development of the cities, and in return the authorities undertake to promote the issuance of building permits for the establishment of thousands of units.

In the umbrella agreements in Netivot and Ofakim, the state will work to establish emergency medical centers that will be established thanks to the cooperation between the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and RMI.

The Roof Agreement in Jerusalem includes construction in 14 neighborhoods: Arnona, the Southern Aqueduct, Mount Scopus, the Ghetto Fighters, the French Hill Junction, Givat Ram, the station complex – the German Colony, the Cedars Complex, Alexandrion, Gonenim, French Hill, Bronfman Dormitory, Margalit Street , Pierre Canning.

The roof agreement in Nes Ziona – includes 7 residential plans and a total of 5,767 units alongside approximately 596,000 square meters of commercial and employment. The neighborhoods where construction is planned: Kfar Aharon, North Mizrah, Ben Ezer, Neve Rivka, Maboa North, Ma'ar Hadas, and An from the engagement

The state will commit to solving super infrastructures as well as solving the drainage problems unique to the authority. As part of the umbrella agreement, understandings were reached for the continuation of the development in the neighboring Be'er Ya'akov and its participation for the benefit of the development in Nes Ziona. (The Ness Ziona agreement should be signed soon in Israel).

In Netivot and Ofakim, these are extensions to previous successful roof agreements in which thousands of units were successfully marketed in the past.

In Ofakim, where nearly 11,000 housing units were successfully marketed from the previous roof agreement in 2017, it was decided to expand the agreement with the aim of strengthening the southern city even more and especially against the background of 10/7. The agreement is based on the Tamal plan promoted in the planning track.

In the roof agreement in Ofakim, there are 5 residential plans with a total scope of 17,724 units and 250 thousand square meters of commercial and employment areas. The neighborhoods where construction is planned are Afiki Nahal B, the Eucalyptus, Yeshuron and Giva, northwest and southwest. Within the framework of the agreement, the State of Israel will provide a solution for super infrastructures – transportation, electricity, water, public institutions that will respond to the needs of the residents in the developing city. The municipality undertakes to market 2,500 units each year instead of 2,000 as usual.

The roof agreement in Netivot is also an extension of a previous roof agreement from 2017 in which more than 13 thousand housing units were successfully marketed. In light of the success of the first roof agreement and the fruitful cooperation with the Israel Lands Authority, the parties worked to expand the roof agreement based on the TML plan promoted by the planning teams.

The expansion of the agreement includes 2 residential plans that include approximately 32,000 units alongside 938,000 square meters of commercial and employment space. As part of the umbrella agreement, the state will provide infrastructure to the extent of over NIS 1.5 billion, in which it will work to build two bypass roads. The neighborhoods where the construction is planned are Nativot North and Ramat Nativot. The Authority commits to a marketing rate of 3,000 units per year.

The director of RMI, Yankee Quint said that “one of the goals we set for ourselves even during the war is to continue creating the infrastructure and conditions suitable for the settlement of the country. The issue of housing does not drop from the national agenda for a moment, and even when all of our eyes are on the various fronts, we continue at the same time to prepare comprehensively and systematically to provide a full response to the needs of the public on the one hand and the needs of the state on the other. I thank the local authorities and all the parties involved for the intensive work shoulder to shoulder, with the understanding that we all have one goal – to produce over the years and continuously available housing solutions all over the country.”

Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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