Doctors understand what the next step in their business development is

Doctors understand what the next step in their business development is

Hundreds of doctors are joining the field of aesthetic medicine which generates high incomes and is the leading trend in the country. Dr. Ital Shirman – owner of an advanced aesthetic medicine clinic, founded the “Shirman Natural” method and is responsible for the phenomenon.

Ital Shirman leads Israel in the field of aesthetic medicine. In her clinic for advanced aesthetic medicine, Ital applies the “Sheerman Natural” method, which was born after many years of research and development. Shirman advocates meticulous aesthetic treatment that creates a natural, healthy and fresh appearance.

Her clients testify to her that no one recognizes that they have undergone aesthetic treatment under her hands. This success has not gone unnoticed by doctors who want to upgrade their professional training and by the way also improve income.

This is how a practical and focused course was born that presents doctors with the new treatment method in a practical and fast way. The doctors study on an individual track or in small groups in the morning or in the evening track.

Shearman makes sure to keep in close contact with the doctors who graduate under her method. She follows their professional development and provides them with the opportunity to consult freely.

Doctors who previously studied the professions of aesthetics but did not work in the field, or those who work and wish to pay with advanced techniques in order to increase the basket of services they offer – all of these constitute the bulk of her client base.

Ital Shirman: “For the past seven years I have been taking care of thousands of clients, both men and women. I have gained a great deal of experience that has allowed me to research the field and build a unique method. The method that I have perfected over the years is a breakthrough in the industry and brings clients to look their best while maintaining a completely natural appearance.”

Ital Shirman. Photo: PR

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