The Israelis who were missing in the Philippines were found dead

The Israelis who were missing in the Philippines were found dead

The Israeli Yitzhak Cohen, 37 years old, and his partner, the Filipino model Geneva Lopez, 26 years old, were found this morning (Saturday) lifeless in the Philippines after about two weeks of searches. The two lived in the city of Angeles in the north of the country and disappeared on Friday, June 21. The circumstances of their disappearance are being investigated, and the local police are investigating whether this is a sting exercise.

Lopez's family reported the couple's disappearance and told the police that their vehicle was found burned and abandoned in the Kapas area of ​​Tarlac province. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel informed that the embassy in Manila is assisting in the transfer of Cohen's casket to Israel.

Nati Cohen, Yitzhak's brother, described in an interview their last conversation and said that the family fears that Yitzhak and Geneva were kidnapped during a business meeting. According to him, Yitzhak went out to examine the land he had purchased, but did not return. His friend said that he saw a suspect talking to the police chief who claimed to have met Yitzhak and his fiancee, but did nothing to them.

The authorities in the Philippines arrested several people involved in the case, including two former police officers, a real estate broker and another person. During the investigation, weapons, ammunition and a hand grenade were found in the detainees' possession. Law enforcement officials in the Philippines continue to investigate the circumstances of the incident.

After the family reported them missing, it turned out that the burned vehicle that was found belonged to the couple, and the remains of Geneva's purse were also found. These findings reinforced the suspicion that the two fell victim to a well-known local sting exercise in which people promise false land deals.

Relatives of the two identified their bodies, and the Israeli embassy is assisting in moving Cohen's coffin to Israel for a quick burial. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Embassy in Manila continue to assist the Cohen family and follow the investigation in the Philippines.

This week, the police in the Philippines released videos from security cameras in which Cohen and Lopez were seen driving in their car in the area where the car was found burned. One of the suspects arrested in the case is a former police officer who was fired from the service and was involved in the land deal with Cohen.

Yitzhak Cohen and Geneva Lopez. Photo: Courtesy of the family

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