The State of Israel is at a strategic crossroads

The State of Israel is at a strategic crossroads

The Commanders and Reserve Fighters Forum held an emergency discussion in the Knesset today (Tuesday) during which MKs presented the “Decision Time” plan. The conference was held under the cross-party leadership of Diaspora Minister Amichai Shikli, along with opposition Knesset members Oded Forer and Ze'ev Elkin, and Minister Struck also participated. , and Knesset members Michal Waldiger, Moshe Solomon, Boaz Bismuth, Moshe Saada, Ohad Tal, Amit Halevi, Tali Gottlieb, Zvi Sukot, representatives from the Israel Wrapping Forum and Kiryat Shmona Mayor Avihai Stern.

Minister Amichai Shikli opened the discussion: “I convened the forum to hear, listen and learn from people who have a lot of experience from the field and from the military systems. We need to act in the spirit of our people and in the spirit of King David's commandment, “I will pursue my enemies and overtake them, and I will not return until they are finished,” that is the guiding line. Shikli added: “Yesterday we were at the funeral of Israel's hero Jala Ibrahim, his brother quoted a sentence of his that to me distills everything: 'There is no security without victory' – such a simple sentence that encapsulates the whole essence of today's debate.”

MK Ze'ev Elkin said: “We have been in the war for 9 months, there were clear goals that the cabinet defined, and we are still not there. The State of Israel must not stop before achieving the goals and returning to the policy of rounds. We must achieve the goals and not tell ourselves that we have already won. This issue is above coalition and opposition, it concerns the entire State of Israel.”

Col. Hazi Nechama, one of the leaders of the forum, said in the discussion: “It is not comfortable for us to go out and speak publicly against the system of which we are a part, but we need to challenge the system that is captive in perception and we need to reflect reality to it and present other ideas. There are many military professionals who stand behind us. We know many of the constraints, but the tasks need to be done in parallel with the constraints and it is possible.”

Nechama commented on the current situation and said: “We are at a critical juncture for the war – do we go to another round or are we decisive. As someone who fought there for eight months – it is possible. We need a leadership that will honestly tell the public that there will be prices, but it is possible. At the field levels, no one is confused, loosen the straps And everyone will charge forward.”

Brigadier General Oren Solomon from the Gaza Division, a resident of Kibbutz Saad in Otef said: “We are at a strategic crossroads that starts in Iran. We are surrounded by a ring of fire but also by a ring of enemy ground forces. The Hamas raid was part of an overall move to destroy Israel, unfortunately it brought us painful prices, fortunately the other parties did not join it on October 7th. It's important that we understand – the result in Gaza will bring war closer or further away in all sectors. And in the next round it might be a coordinated multi-arena war.”

Solomon added: “In order to win, you need much more erosion of the enemy, civilian control, and the taking of territory. The Palestinian narrative is based on struggle and terrorism that leads to political achievements, we need to reverse that. They need to go from the destruction of 48 to the covering of 67 to the Karita (disaster in Arabic) of 2024.”

Col. Ronan Cohen, a former Pekamez commander told the MKs: “You should ask the army 3 questions regarding the decision – not how many terrorists were eliminated, but what is the threat as of today? Rehabilitation – how long will it take for Hamas to rebuild its capabilities? Governmental capabilities – can a foreign government currently control Gaza? The answer to all these questions is clear, so we are still far from defeating Hamas and we must not stop.”

Following MK Michal Waldiger's question about the relationship between the decision of Hamas and the return of the abductees, Col. Nechama said: “We risk ourselves to rescue abductees, I have often been under fire during rescue attempts and we will continue to do everything to return them. Along with this, only a decision will bring For the abductees, if we give up the systemic achievements – the control of the Wicker axis and the Philadelphia axis in the first stroke means that we will not have cards left to continue, it means the abandonment of the abductees who will not be released in the first stroke.”

MK Amit Halevi, a member of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, said in the debate: “We already recognized in October that the IDF thinks tactically and does not go for a strategic decision, this is why I and a number of other members of the committee are against entering Lebanon according to the plans presented by the army.”

MK Oded Forer said: “The IDF belongs to all of us, that's why we organized the conference with the cooperation of the coalition and the opposition. Our demand from the political level is to go for a decision and victory, and we will give all the backing for this from the opposition.” Forer added in relation to the headlines about an imminent decision by Hamas: “If a victory has to be explained, it means that we did not win. In a clear victory, no one asks who won, like in the six days and in World War II, and that's where we have to strive.”

Photo: Knesset Spokesperson
Forum of commanders and reserve fighters - discussion in the Knesset
Photo: Knesset Spokesperson

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