“A policy that humanly harms Israel”

“A policy that humanly harms Israel”

The “Fighting for the North” headquarters, which represents hundreds of families of evacuees and residents of the north, responded a short time ago (Wednesday) to an investigation carried out by the IDF according to which the road on which the couple was traveling was defined in the systems of the air defense system as “open area”, and therefore the rockets launched into the area were not intercepted And we will not make any attempt to intercept them.

“Time and time again we painfully see the harsh policy of Magna without any attempt to deter and attack, a policy that humanly harms the State of Israel and each and every one of its residents. Unfortunately, we have now received a painful reminder of this difficult matter, when it became clear that the rockets that killed a couple of parents last night in the Golan were not intercepted by Same policy.'

“It's time to move from defense to attack, and move towards the decision. The Prime Minister, the Chief of Staff, and the Minister of Defense, take responsibility for the army and the lives of the citizens, immediately change the policy of interceptions, and the concept of defense for which we have been evacuating from home for eight months. It is time for war in the north,” they added.

Yesterday Noa and Nir Burns were killed by a direct hit from a rocket that hit their vehicle in the Golan Heights. The rocket barrage came after the assassination of a senior Hezbollah operative, who used to be one of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah's bodyguards.

Photo: Ihud Hatzla spokesmen

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