Arad Nir did not clarify that his words were not aimed at the religious public as a whole

Arad Nir did not clarify that his words were not aimed at the religious public as a whole

During a discussion on News 12 that dealt with the events of the fighting on Israel's northern front, the positions of the ministers that were heard in the cabinet two days earlier, and on the announcement of the Iranian Embassy in the United Nations against Israel, were presented. The brawlers keep Shabbat.” As a result, an organization in Tselmo, as well as many dozens of people, filed complaints with the Second Authority regarding his words.

In the complaints, it is claimed that the words of the presenter Arad Nir were labeling, generalizing and offensive towards the entire Shabbat-observing religious community. Following this, the Commission clearly opened and in the reply sent to the applicants, Commissioner Mr. David Regev wrote that: “I watched the broadcaster in question and contacted the broadcaster who stated in his response: “In no way was Arad Nir referring to the Shabbat-observing public as a whole, but rather to Ministers Smotrich and Ben Gabir.”

The Commissioner did not accept this and wrote: “As mentioned, I watched the content you withheld and found that the presenter should have stated clearly during the broadcast that he was referring to Ministers Smotrich and Ben Gvir and not to all citizens who observe the Shabbat. I forwarded your comment along with my comment to the attention of the broadcaster. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and the other viewers.

Shai Glick, CEO of Betselmo, said: “I welcome the Commissioner's decision. It is not possible to generalize or insult the traditional public of the country. We also deserve human rights and the right to a good name.”

Photo: Ofer Hajiov

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