Indictment against 2 brothers for beating a man in front of his children in Nazareth

Indictment against 2 brothers for beating a man in front of his children in Nazareth

On June 29, around 3:30 p.m., a report was received at the police headquarters about an assault incident in the city of Nazareth. Many police forces were rushed to the scene and began to clarify the circumstances of the case. From the investigation material it emerged that the victim left their home together with his wife and their minor children, when he noticed the two brothers (the accused) an argument developed between them which turned into a serious assault.

Two brothers, together with another person, began to attack the victim in all parts of his body until he fell to the ground, after forcing him onto a trailer cart, they continued to beat him and bruise him, using an iron rod and other assault tools. All this happened in front of his wife and young children. As a result of their actions, the victim suffered actual injuries, injuries to the head, face, neck and other parts of his body.

The police officers of the northern district who were rushed to the scene, started an investigation that included diverse actions, including taking down cameras and collecting findings until the arrest of the suspects. At the end of a strenuous investigation by the North District police officers, a serious indictment was filed against them through the North Claims Branch. The police spokeswoman said: The Israel Police has zero tolerance for bullying and violence of any kind directed against civilians and acts quickly and decisively against all manifestations of violence in order to bring those criminals to justice.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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