It's hotter than usual until Rabi – until when?

It's hotter than usual until Rabi – until when?

Today (Wednesday) the weather will be warmer than usual until Saturday. The height of the waves in the Mediterranean Sea will be 40-70 cm and the water temperature will be 31 degrees. This is how forecaster Boaz Dayan updates.

The predicted temperatures: in Jerusalem 24-35, in Tel Aviv 27-32, in Haifa 22-31, in Be'er Sheva 23-39, in Safed 25-34, in Ariel 25-35, in Modiin 20-37, in Tiberias 25-41 and in Eilat 29-44 degrees.

The prospectus for the following days: on Thursday it will be hot and humid, on Friday it will be similar and on Saturday some relief in the heat loads is expected.

Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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