“Promote the national and security interests”

“Promote the national and security interests”

Minister of Defense Yoav Galant participated a short time ago (Wednesday) in the graduation ceremony of the National Security College's N.A. course. “Dear audience, even in these hours, when the IDF fighters are working to eradicate the Hamas organization, we have the duty to return the abductees to their homes. This is a supreme moral imperative – and this is a declared war goal. The determined action of the security establishment created the conditions for the return of the abductees,” Gallant said.

“A limited window of opportunity will open before us to fulfill our moral and ethical duty – to return abductees. The conditions that will be created as a result of the deal will advance our national and security interests, while the IDF and the security forces know how to overcome the risks that may arise. Along with the action to defeat Hamas, it is appropriate, correct and necessary to make a deal for the return of the abductees,” he added.

Photo: IDF spokesman

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