Reimbursement of the cost of the ambulance ride to a hospital for the mentally challenged

Reimbursement of the cost of the ambulance ride to a hospital for the mentally challenged

The Knesset plenum approved in a preliminary reading the draft state health insurance law (amendment – reimbursement of ambulance travel fees for a patient in the field of mental health), the 2022 draft of Knesset members Michal Waldiger and Moshe Solomon, to which was attached a proposal by Knesset member Iman Khativ Yassin and a proposal of Knesset member Walid Alhuashla. 25 members of Knesset supported the proposal, with no opponents or abstentions, and it will be forwarded to the health committee for discussion.

It is proposed that a patient suffering from a psychiatric illness or who is mentally disabled will receive a full refund of the ambulance ride to the hospital, in exchange for admission, even if he was released from the hospital without hospitalization.

The Minister of Health, Uriel Bosso: “The purpose of the bill is to change the situation today in which a mentally challenged person goes to the emergency room in an ambulance and is not hospitalized – to cover the cost of the evacuation. The bill states that the contender will receive a full refund and deals with the very important issue of helping mentally challenged people while they are He needs it the most, in a difficult and sensitive situation.”

The minister also said: “The Ministry of Health prioritizes the issue of mental health and the promotion of the mental health system in Israel. The war of iron swords brings with it wide psychological consequences, including dealing with trauma from the murderous events. The mental resilience of many citizens is damaged and the need for mental health treatment increases. We are sensitive And we are willing to promote and help in any way possible for the population of mentally challenged people.”

The explanation for the proposal reads: “People dealing with mental illness may, as part of the symptoms of the disease, feel distress and intense pain, which is sometimes interpreted as tangible physical pain, even if it is possible that the feeling exists only in their personal experience, and does not indicate an actual medical distress. In this situation, they turn to the authorities for help The rescue, independently or by a person in their vicinity, and the rescue forces refer them to a hospital. A physical examination is conducted at the hospital, and if the indicators are found to be normal, they are released without hospitalization. The wording of the law today imposes a heavy financial expense on the members of The patients in the field of mental health, who are forced to pay the fees for frequent evacuation to the hospital.”

Photo: Dani Shem Tov, spokeswoman for the Knesset

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