Stole bottles of alcohol worth hundreds of NIS from the supermarket chain

Stole bottles of alcohol worth hundreds of NIS from the supermarket chain

On 7/8 (Monday) in the afternoon, the police received a report from the security officer of a supermarket chain about a man who was seen allegedly stealing from the business. Police officers from the Beit Shemesh station of the Jerusalem district were called to the scene.

The police detectives who arrived began investigating the case from which it emerged that this was a man who stole 12 bottles of alcoholic beverages – vodka, worth approximately NIS 955. For this purpose, the accused took branded supermarket bags, and put the bottles he took in order to cover up his actions. He went to the back of the business and there he moved the bags containing the alcohol bottles over the fence and then he climbed the fence and left the business area together with the goods he stole, without paying for them.

In the searches conducted by the detectives, the accused, 38 years old, was located while trying to stop a “hitchhiker” near Neuman Square in Beit Shemesh and he was arrested by them and taken to the police station in Beit Shemesh for questioning. In the estimation of the police investigators, the accused sold the property he stole under an excuse and thus pocketed the financial “profit” from a criminal act.

After his investigation was completed, today the prosecution unit in the Jerusalem district filed an indictment against him for the crime of theft. Alongside this indictment, the police prosecution asked the High Court to order his detention under electronic supervision until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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