The options for the October 7th Massacre are a prison or a graveyard

The options for the October 7th Massacre are a prison or a graveyard

The Minister of Defense, MK Yoav Galant, answered a question from MK Amit Halevi (Likud) on the subject of “thwarting activists who participated in the Sheshav massacre in October”, and said: “The IDF fighters have been working with great dedication for the past 9 months in the most just war we have known in all these years our existence The IDF fighters fought valiantly and held back in the first days and then transferred the war to the enemy's territory with a fierce attack.”

Gallant stated: “I say in the clearest way: the entire security establishment is determined to bring justice to anyone and everyone who has acted against the citizens of Israel. Whether it is a declared terrorist or whether it is a citizen who took part in this heinous act of murder. We will bring justice to everyone, whether Either by arrest or by extermination. There are only two options for these people – prison or the cemetery. This is not about a battle or a war – this is about the worst human depravity – the action of these human animals, and we will meet them.”

Gallant also said: “The rule that applies is the one who kills you will be killed. There will be no compromises on this issue. We will act in accordance with the law and the law, but without forgetting what is incumbent on us. There is no refuge and no safe place for those who took part in the massacre against the citizens of Israel, we will bring him to justice. The action of The IDF that led to the elimination of approximately fourteen thousand terrorists and the dismantling of Hamas frameworks is actually the evidence of what I am saying. We will attack and we are attacking terrorists. Everything will be done in accordance with the law and in accordance with the operational need when the mission is clear. In the end we will reach everyone.”

Photo: Shahar Yurman and the Shomron Regional Council

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