The status of the rising athletes must be regulated

The status of the rising athletes must be regulated

The Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora Committee chaired by MK Oded Porer (Israel Beytinu) held today (Wednesday) an appreciation meeting for new immigrant athletes and the participants of the 2024 Olympics. The Paris Olympics is the 18th Olympics in which an Israeli delegation will participate. Out of 88 athletes participating in the Paris Olympics on 18 sports, 6 of which were previously supported by the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption.

The data received by the committee shows that as of June 2024, 30 new immigrant athletes and coaches are receiving scholarships from the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Achievement Sports Unit.

MK Oded Porer, Chairman of the Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora Committee: “The immigrant athletes have a large and important part in Israel's achievements in international competitions. The State of Israel gains international recognition for the competitive achievements of the new immigrants, and also receives talented immigrant athletes after they have done all The training and training stages in their countries of origin. I call on the Minister of Culture and Sports and the Minister of the Interior to regulate the status of the immigrant athletes and allow them to receive a permanent passport of the State of Israel.”

Furer also said: the amendment made to the passport law is an injustice, there is no reason that every new immigrant should not receive an Israeli passport immediately as soon as he arrives in Israel. I wish great success to the entire Israeli delegation to the Olympics. Actually participating in international competitions is important, especially when you manage to win medals. There are problems in the various offices in the process of accepting the athletes and we need to address that.”

Former MK Ofir Pines Paz, chairman of Maccabi Israel: “About half of the Olympic delegation is made up of athletes who were not born in Israel. The contribution of the athletes and coaches who immigrated to Israel is enormous. The Israeli athletes would not have been able to achieve their achievements without the support envelope of the immigrating athletes who bring with them methods Training that leads to many achievements. We very much hope that the Olympics will pass safely and that we will return to Israel with medals. The Maccabi Sports Association has managed to send 7 swimmers to the upcoming Olympics. The Israeli athletes, including the new immigrants, need and deserve a high-quality support for the State of Israel.” .

Gili Lustig, CEO of the Olympic Committee: “Thank you to the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption for supporting the athletes, coaches and professionals to enable them to be the most professional and the most prepared. We are proud that we have almost complete gender equality in our athlete delegation. The swimming team sends 20 athletes and we managed to send 4 relay teams, which in itself is a very big achievement for Israel. The Olympic criterion for running a marathon is 02:08:10, five athletes in Israel managed to achieve the criterion, all newcomers. We need to prepare to receive new immigrants from all over the world, not only athletes, but also coaches and staff.”

The Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora Committee held a meeting in February 2024 on the issue of regulating the passports of the outstanding athletes who represent the State of Israel in international competitions. The athletes who train and compete in competitions abroad stay for extended periods outside of Israel. Following the change in the passport law in the current Knesset, the athletes who do not stay in the country for the minimum qualifying time are not eligible for a permanent Israeli passport and do not represent the country. Adi Segal, head of the Maccabi Haifa Swimming Association: “Thanks to the pressure exerted by the Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora Committee, 4 swimmers managed to obtain an Israeli passport and thus they represented Israel in the freestyle relay.”

Ayala Spitz, will participate in the Olympics in the 4×200 freestyle relay. Spitz: “I started swimming at the age of 7. During my training at colleges in the USA, I worked with a coach who represents the Israeli delegation and that's where the idea came from that I would represent Israel in the Olympics. When I immigrated to Israel I joined the sports club of Maccabi Haifa where I received great support. It is a great honor for me to be part of the Israeli swimming team for the Olympics. We hope to reach the finals at the Olympics in Paris. I had a problem renewing my passport in preparation for the last World Championship, but thanks to the intervention of the committee I was able to get the Israeli passport on time and thus I was able to represent Israel.”

For the first time in the history of Israeli sports, Israel will send a representative to participate in the track cycling division. Michael Yakovlev who represented Israel on the track bike said in the committee: “I immigrated to Israel from Russia two years ago. I will do my best to bring success to Israel. My goal is to bring a medal and pride to Israel. At the moment, due to the heavy heat in Israel, I am in a training camp abroad which will allow me the maximum preparation for the Olympics.”

Vladislav Loginov, Israel's 2021 road cycling champion, represented Israel in the Olympics: “I immigrated from Ukraine 6 years ago. In Ukraine I was a dancer and when I immigrated to Israel I bought a bicycle and from there I began to specialize in this sport. I slowly progressed in training and professionalization, and now I am an Olympic cyclist. I receive A scholarship from the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption that helps me a lot.”

Another participant in the Olympics is Michaela Moshe who is ranked 39th in the world ranking in the sport of archery. Michaela: “Only one year and nine months ago I switched to specializing in archery and for the first time in my life I will represent Israel in the upcoming Olympics. I expect myself to reach the quarterfinals and I will do the best in my power to represent Israel with honor.”

MK Simon Davidson (Yesh Atid): “The Olympic Committee is a bright spot in Israeli sports. Israel can be proud of its athletes and hope that they will represent us with respect and bring achievements. Hearing the national anthem and seeing the flag in Paris is a great honor, especially this year. I wish all the athletes to improve their achievements, beyond that, every final or medal will bring a lot of respect to the country. The time has come for us to invest much more money in Israeli sports, because I believe that sports change society”

Photo: Dani Shem-Tov, spokeswoman for the Knesset
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