Violence in Arab society is rampant and the government does nothing

Violence in Arab society is rampant and the government does nothing

In light of the phenomenon of violence in Arab society, a short time ago (Wednesday), at the request of MK Yoav Seglovitz, former Deputy Minister of Internal Security, an urgent discussion was held in the State Audit Committee on the subject of “The Israel Police's Dealing with the Rising Crime in Arab Society”. Knesset members from the opposition factions and representatives from many government ministries and institutions and civil society organizations came to the discussion.

The discussion focused on the implementation of Resolution 549, a plan to deal with the phenomenon of crime and violence in Arab society, “Safe Route”, which was initiated and led by MK Seglovitz as the Deputy Minister of Internal Security and during his term of office, crime and violence in Arab society was curbed.

MK Miki Levy (Yesh Atid), chairman of the State Audit Committee: “The violence in Arab society is breaking unprecedented records and the government is doing nothing. This is one of the more difficult discussions and I come out of it with a broken heart, because things that have already been planned and everything is in order – are not done. The Prime Minister and the Minister of National Security are responsible for the sad results and crime in Arab society.”

MK Yoav Seglovitz: “Crime in Arab society is rampant. In 2022, crime decreased significantly while 2023 ended with 244 murdered. Since the beginning of 2024 there are 122 murdered, unfathomable figures. The performance of the government and in particular the Ministry of National Security is very bad and things must change immediately.'

MK Hamed Amar (Israel Beitenu): “We are at a loss of governance! The government has failed to maintain public order in the Arab sector, 122 have been murdered since the beginning of the year, 0 percent deciphering of the murders. The eradication of crime and violence in the Arab sector is not on the government's agenda.'

Photo: Knesset Spokesperson

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