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A personnel contractor was arrested on suspicion of offsetting fictitious tax invoices in the amount of over 21 million NIS"H

Said Aloui, a resident of Deir Jarir village near Ramallah, was brought before the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on suspicion of offsetting fictitious tax invoices in the amount of over NIS 21 million. Judge Elad Lang released the suspect under restrictive conditions. As an immigrant requesting the arrest and release on …

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"I want to kill you, you killed them all": A 38-year-old woman is accused of attempted murder of a neighbor

The Haifa district attorney’s office today (Tuesday) submitted to the district court in the city, an indictment for attempted murder against the accused (38) from Manhariya who tried to stab her neighbor with a knife. According to the indictment, filed by"J. O"D Benny Pascal, the accused lived on rent in …

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At the end of an undercover investigation: an attempt to smuggle Amal was thwarted"H in the area of ​​the Bekaa and Emekim Division

Today (Monday) it was allowed to be published that at the end of an undercover investigation that was conducted in the Negev region, he was arrested on August 1"The fighters of the Mag unit"(Negev Border Intelligence), the undercover unit of Mag"In the south, the Yoav unit, the aerial formation of …

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