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"An urgent discussion must be held and aid approved for businesses in the Gaza Strip and residents who suffered damage"

Yu"R. The Economic Committee, h"As Michael Biton, this morning (Sunday) addressed the Knesset Agreements Committee, chaired by Ha"As Boaz Toporovsky and Riv Levin, with a request to approve holding an urgent discussion on aid to businesses and employees in Sderot, Ashkelon and other localities surrounding Gaza. The heads of the …

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A supervisory policy document on the prohibition of money laundering and terrorist financing was published

Against the background of the great importance of monitoring and thwarting the channels of money laundering and terrorist financing, as an integral part of the ongoing national effort to thwart the phenomena of money laundering, economic crime and terrorist activity, today (Tuesday) the Supervision of Banks publishes a document defining …

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The Ministries of Finance and Agriculture will provide grants in favor "Innovation for green businesses in the field of agriculture"

The Ministries of Finance and Agriculture, in cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank, through its innovation arm the Lab, together with its private sector arm the Invest, are establishing a grant program with the aim of promoting green businesses in the field of agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean. …

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