Ongoing reports and updates from the southern border – Egypt, Sinai and what is happening in the Red Sea. All the hottest commentary articles and topics from the southern border.

The kidnapped were handed over to Egypt, Hamas: “We completed our part on the first day of the ceasefire”

Egypt announced a few minutes ago (Friday) that the 13 Israeli abductees have been handed over to them, they are receiving initial medical treatment and will be handed over to the Israeli authorities as soon as possible. Sources in Hamas told the Al-Aqsa network: “Al-Qassem finished the process of handing …

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The Egyptian army: “The security man was killed in an exchange of fire during the pursuit of drug smugglers”

The spokesman of the Egyptian army referred a short time ago (Saturday) to the shooting incident at the Egyptian border during which three IDF soldiers were shot dead and said: “At dawn today, one of the security forces entrusted with the security of the international border line chased drug smugglers. …

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IDF fighters"To thwart an attempt to smuggle drugs into Israel from Egyptian territory

During the night (Saturday) IDF sightings were identified"To a number of suspects who tried to smuggle drugs from Egyptian territory into Israeli territory in the area of ​​the spatial division "For". IDF fighters"Those who acted to thwart the smuggling seized about 100 kg"C. who were transferred to the Israel Police. …

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