Ongoing reports and updates from the southern border – Egypt, Sinai and what is happening in the Red Sea. All the hottest commentary articles and topics from the southern border.

IDF fighters"To thwart an attempt to smuggle drugs into Israel from Egyptian territory

During the night (Saturday) IDF sightings were identified"To a number of suspects who tried to smuggle drugs from Egyptian territory into Israeli territory in the area of ​​the spatial division "For". IDF fighters"Those who acted to thwart the smuggling seized about 100 kg"C. who were transferred to the Israel Police. …

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The defense minister met with Egypt’s chief of intelligence

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz met tonight (Wednesday) with Egypt’s Chief of General Intelligence, General Abbas Kamel. The two discussed the need to strengthen regional stability, the common war on terror and the importance of safeguarding common security interests. Defense Minister Ganz thanked Kamel and thanked Egyptian President al-Sisi for Egypt’s …

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Egypt shipped food, medicine and humanitarian equipment to the Gaza Strip in 130 trucks

A spokesman for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced tonight (Saturday) that according to the president’s order, Egypt had shipped a large cargo of aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip including 2,500 tons of food, medicine, clothing, furniture, baby products, appliances and other humanitarian equipment. The equipment was transported …

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