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Shlomi Shabbat celebrates 40 years of career and releases a new and exciting single – "moments"

Shlomi Shabat, one of the most popular and successful artists in Israel, celebrates 40 years of career and releases a new and exciting single "moments"Moments is one of those songs that the first listen is enough to get straight into your heart, Shlomi’s precise singing, the authenticity, the harmony, everything …

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Breaking up the relationship? Ben El Tabori and Static continue to cooperate in the campaign

One of the strongest duos in the Israeli entertainment world, Static and Ben El Tabori, recently announced the dissolution of the partnership and going their separate ways. Despite the announcement, which disappointed many fans of the successful duo, the two met today (Monday) on the set of the campaign for …

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"An intolerable crime": The Saudi citizen who helped the Israeli journalist reach Mecca – was arrested

The Saudi police announced today (Friday) the arrest of the citizen of the country who drove the Israeli journalist Gil Tamri to Mecca, the most important city for Islam that forbids entry to non-Muslims. The official Saudi Press Agency quoted a police spokesman in Mecca as saying that "The citizen …

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