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News, reports and regular updates on what is happening in the Gaza Strip. Interpretations and articles on the war on terrorist organizations – Hamas, Islamic Jihad, resistance committees and more. IDF operations, activities on the Gaza border and dealing with explosive devices, rocket fire, rockets and missiles into Israeli territory. Red color updates and alerts.

One launch is intercepted, reports of exchanges of fire between the IDF and terrorists northwest of Gaza

The IDF spokesman is updating this morning (Friday) that following the report of an alert being activated in the Gaza Envelope, one launch was detected and intercepted by air defense fighters. Also, on Gazan social networks, there are reports of exchanges of fire between IDF forces and terrorists from the …

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Hamas has once again released a cynical and disconnected PR video from the release of the abductees

The terrorist organization Hamas published tonight (Thursday) the documentation of the release of the last abductees – ten Israelis and four foreign citizens, as it did in the previous attacks. But from time to time the documentation becomes more outgoing, cynical and detached from reality. Hamas tries to present itself …

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The ceasefire expires at 07:00 Hamas ordered its operatives to prepare for the resumption of fighting

The terrorist organization Hamas published a statement tonight (Thursday) claiming that Israel refused to accept seven women and children and the bodies of three from the same category who were killed as a result of the IDF’s attacks on Gaza. This is the return for extending the temporary humanitarian truce …

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“In response to Putin’s efforts”: Hamas released two hostages with Russian citizenship

The terrorist organization Hamas announced a short time ago (Wednesday) that it released two Israeli hostages with Russian citizenship and handed them over to the Red Cross. “In response to the efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Hamas released two Russians and handed them over this evening to the International …

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Hamas PR video: Documentation of the release of the abductees in the Gaza Strip has been published

The terrorist organization Hamas published this evening (Tuesday) as it did in all the previous four times its public relations video from the moment the Israeli abductees were released and handed over to the Red Cross. The fifth beat has been completed: the abductees who were released from the captivity …

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Hamas published the documentation of the handover of the Israeli abductees to the Red Cross

The terrorist organization Hamas is publishing tonight (Monday) documentation from the moment the 11 Israeli abductees were handed over to the Red Cross teams. Photo: Telegram Hamas These are the 11 Israeli abductees who were released, the Minister of Defense followed closely from the Israel Defense Forces Source link

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