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Ora Air has launched a smart platform for managing a fleet of devices for purifying air from viruses and bacteria

Ora Air, the Israeli air purification and filtration company, has introduced its innovative platform for managing hundreds of Ora Air air purification devices through a unique interface. The platform is accessible on any computer and allows many participants to perform actions simultaneously and keep up to date regarding their indoor …

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‘Flying gas stations’ will refuel astroscale satellites in space

Astroscale, the market leader in satellite service and long-term orbital sustainability, and Orbit Fab, a provider of refueling services in space, have signed a commercial agreement, under which the LEXI satellite fleet of Life Extension In-Orbit designed for life-extending space satellites can benefit From refueling services from ‘spaceship gas stations’ …

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Achievement for Zoom: The first video communication company to receive the Common Criteria cyber certification standard

Zoom (Video Video Communications, Inc.) announced today (Tuesday) that it is the first video communications company to receive the Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance International certification standard (v3.1 rev. 5). The standard, which indicates the quality of the platform’s security against cyber threats, was granted to Zoom by the laboratories of …

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United Kingdom: Hundreds of schools are protected through a screening system in Israeli development

Hundreds of school and kindergarten classrooms across the UK are protected from corona viruses through an advanced filtration system developed by Ora Air, as part of the British government policy to continue the routine of life and studies despite the widespread wave of morbidity in the kingdom. Among the schools …

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Elton John and the super celebrity (including Cat) who collaborated on the album teamed up to zoom in for a commercial

A year and a bit after the world of music was exposed to The Lockdown Sessions, Elton John’s 31st studio album, in which he collaborated with other well-known artists, such as Doa Lipa, Nicki Minaj, Damon Albern , Stevie Wend, Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Stevie Knicks, Young Thag and …

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Bezeq Group acquires 70% of CloudEdge shares, which specializes in advanced cloud solutions

The Bezeq Group, through Bezeq International, yesterday (Saturday) signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of 70% of the shares of the cloud computing company CloudEdge from its controlling shareholder, Softwatch from the Ewave Group. The balance of the shares (30%) will remain in the hands of the company’s …

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