Current news and updates on Iran, the Iranian threat to the State of Israel due to the acceleration of Iranian nuclear development and the events taking place to halt the Revolutionary Guards’ nuclear program.

Iranian President Raisi: "Trump should be prosecuted and executed for suicidal assassination"

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said today (Monday) in an aggressive speech on the occasion of the two-year assassination of Qassem Suleimani that former US President Donald Trump must stand trial for ordering the assassination of senior Iranian general – otherwise, Raisi threatened, "There will be revenge". The Iranian president called …

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Iran Demonstration: Performed an exercise simulating the attack on the Dimona reactor

Iranian sources report that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have held a satiety exercise aimed at bombing targets simulating Israeli targets such as the Dimona reactor. The commander of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force claimed that "Iran’s ballistic missiles have maneuvering capabilities in different directions, so the enemy will have a hard …

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re"From Bennett to US Secretary of State: "Iran executes "Nuclear blackmail" As a negotiation tactic"

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke today (Thursday) with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. The conversation dealt mostly with the issue of the Iranian nuclear program. Secretary of State updated Re"From what is happening in talks between Iran and the powers in Vienna. The Prime Minister referred to the announcement …

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re"From Bennett to the Powers just before the opening of talks in Vienna: "Do not succumb to Iran’s nuclear blackmail"

Against the background of the resumption of nuclear talks between the powers and Iran in Vienna, the capital of Austria, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressed a message to the international community today (Monday): "Today Iran will reach negotiations in Vienna with a clear goal: to lift sanctions, in exchange for …

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Iran: We are ready for Mo."From direct with the three European countries that have signed the nuclear agreement

Iranian state-run TV channel Press TV reported today (Wednesday) that Iran has officially announced that it is ready to hold official negotiations in the three European countries that have signed the 2015 nuclear agreement, Britain, France and Germany. According to the report, Iran has suggested that the talks be held …

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Defense Minister revealed: This is the base from which the Iranian instruments train terrorist operatives"water

The Minister of Defense, Bnei Gantz, spoke this morning (Sunday) at a conference of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism Policy at Reichman University: "One of the significant tools Iran has developed to help them "Messengers", Is an array of unmanned aerial vehicles. Let’s take a short break and think that in …

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