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The paramedic who arrived at the incident and discovered that the injured person was his son: "It’s not easy when you need to take care of a family member"

A young man about 19 years old was injured a short time ago (Tuesday) in an attack where stones were thrown at his vehicle by terrorists in the south of Mount Hebron. Paramedic Med"A, Elad Pess, was called to attend to the incident, and when he arrived at the scene …

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A 60-year-old was injured during a sports activity in the Upper Galilee and was evacuated by Med helicopter"A to the hospital

A 60-year-old man was injured a short time ago (Tuesday) during a sports activity at a kibbutz in the Upper Galilee Regional Council. Medics and paramedics of Med"A. They gave him medical treatment and evacuated him by Med helicopter"A to the hospital, in moderate condition, with a head injury. Illustration. …

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Naftali Bennett is suing Rabbi Ronan Shaolov in the amount of one million NIS"h – "to act actively against the poison machine"

Naftali Bennett today (Tuesday) filed a defamation lawsuit against Rabbi Ronan Shaolov, claiming that he defamed himself when he spoke about Bennett’s Jewish identity and his American parents. Shaulov even called Bennett "Dog" in one of his speeches and later apologized for this statement. Bennett’s environment stated: "Former Prime Minister …

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Head of Samaria Council: "to announce the messenger of the"Persona non grata"

The storm continues around the statement of the Hao messenger"for that"T Thor Wensland. After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today invited the Hao envoy"for that"T. L"clarification talk" However, he refrained from reprimanding him for his statement against a Mag soldier"After neutralizing the terrorist in Samaria a few days ago, the …

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The family of Tiran Pero, who was murdered and kidnapped in Jenin, were hosted at the meeting of Ben Gvir’s faction: "We need governance here"

The family members of Tiran Pero, who was murdered and kidnapped in Jenin, were guests at a meeting of the Otzma Yehudit faction: "We need governance here". Special guests attended the Otzma Yehudit faction meeting in the Knesset today (Monday), Hosan Pero, the father of Tiran Pero, who was disconnected …

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Violent disturbances by dozens of rioters in the area of ​​Rachel’s Tomb – Lochem Mag"B was injured

The soldiers of the Border Guard of the Jerusalem area were called a short time ago (Monday) to violent disturbances by about 40 rioters in the Aida refugee camp, near Rachel’s Tomb. During the riots, Mag fighters were thrown at them"b Stones, various objects such as highly powerful marbles and …

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