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At the height of the cold: In the settlements of Gush Shilo in Binyamin, the Sabbath passed without electricity

During Shabbat, electricity in Gush Shilo in Binyamin fell several times. The security teams in the localities, together with members of the SFA division in the council and the electricity department at the BALP Benjamin, tried to restore the electricity supply, but the existing infrastructure did not allow this. Nessia, …

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Ben Gvir: "High school administration near"It is conducted with hypocrisy and dictatorship"

Following a request from parents of high school students near"E in Jerusalem, will arrive on Sunday at 11:30 h"Itamar Ben Gvir, with right-wing activist Ran Carmi Buzaglo, to demonstrate against meetings of terrorist families, members of the organization whose vision is opposition to the occupation, and holds a joint forum …

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A man and a woman were arrested in Haifa during a demonstration against the background of opposition to vaccines and the green label

During a demonstration held in Haifa, against the background of opposition to vaccines and the green label, two of the demonstrators blocked the axis and were asked to go up on the sidewalk, so that they would not interfere with traffic, but they refused. Meanwhile, the police informed the two …

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There is a council"On the unusual incident of violence near Givat Ronen in Samaria: "Shocked by the photos"

A police investigation was opened following reports received today (Friday) about an incident of violence and arson near Givat Ronen in Samaria, after a number of masked men arrived and began attacking Palestinians and activists and throwing stones at them. As a result of the violence, several civilians were lightly …

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