Current news and updates on Lebanon and the terrorist organization that controls the state of Hezbollah. Articles and commentaries on the terrorist organization headed by Hassan Nasrallah. IDF activities to eradicate terrorist tunnels on the northern border and halt terrorist incidents against Israel.

Reports in Lebanon: A violent explosion in a Hamas weapons depot in the south of the country

Lebanese media report tonight (Friday) that a large explosion recently occurred in a weapons depot in the Palestinian refugee camp of Burj al-Shamali, in the area of ​​Tzur in the south of the country. According to various reports, this is a warehouse belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization. It was …

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Hezbollah published documentation: A barrage of 20 rockets fired at Israeli territory

The Al-Manar network affiliated with the terrorist organization Hezbollah recently (Friday) published documentation of the shooting that took place this morning from southern Lebanon towards the territory of the State of Israel. The documentation shows a heavy barrage of 20 rockets fired from the Druze village in Lebanon. Following the …

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Residents of the Janah neighborhood in Lebanon: Netanyahu is a liar

Lebanese media and many citizens, including residents of the Janah neighborhood near Beirut International Airport, left tonight (Tuesday) To the place that Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed to"A secret Hezbollah weapons depot", In his speech at Howe’s General Assembly"M. Earlier referred to as acquiring"To the Hezbollah organization Hassan Nasrallah for the …

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