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The parents’ leadership is fed up: "The students of Israel and the education system have been in a continuous crisis for 3 years"

The national leadership of parents referred a short time ago (Wednesday) to the proposal of the Minister of Finance, Avigdor Lieberman, to resolve the crisis with the teaching staff. As I recall, the teachers’ union reacted angrily to the proposal and said that the "Awkward offer". The parents’ leadership addressed …

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"Lapid is once again being called to intervene personally in a crisis that threatens to destroy the education system"

The Teachers’ Union gave a short time ago (Wednesday) its response to the Ministry of Finance’s counter-proposal, for resolving the crisis with the teaching staff and ending the shutdown. The Moram Histadrut said that "The vague proposal that the Treasury presented to the public today is not familiar to us …

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