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Report in Turkey: Three Iranian citizens were arrested on suspicion of planning to harm Israeli tourists

Turkish authorities reported this evening (Friday) that three Iranian citizens were arrested on suspicion of planning to harm Israeli tourists in the country. According to the reports in the local media, one of them was released at the end of his investigation. So far, since the beginning of June, eight …

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Abu Mazen met in his office with Barbara Leaf: "It is time for the occupation to end"

Yu"Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen met today (Saturday) in his office in Ramallah with the American delegation headed by Barbara Leaf, US Assistant Secretary of State for Israel-Palestinian Affairs, and with her deputy, Hadi Amar. During the meeting Abu Mazen emphasized that "East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine"he clarified …

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The terrorist who was seriously wounded in the village will work during an exchange of fire with the IDF"L, died of his wounds

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced today (Saturday) that Samih Amarna, who was seriously injured during the exchange of fire with IDF forces"At the beginning of the month, he died of his wounds. The terrorist, Samih Amarna The terrorist, Samih Amarna The terrorist, Samih Amarna, 37 years old, was taken …

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Nasrallah threatened Israel, Lieberman responded: "Suggesting that he continue to hide in the bunker"

acc"For Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah spoke this evening (Thursday) and referred to the gas rig in his speech that was broadcast on the local media "shark" which arrived in Israel this week. Nasrallah said that "The placement of the drilling rig by the Israeli occupation in the border demarcation area is …

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Report in Iran: The commander of an assassination squad of the Mossad was killed in an attack last night in Iraq

The Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Security Council accused today (Thursday) "Kataib Hezbollah (KH)" (Hezbollah Brigades of a Shia-Iraqi militant group financed by Iran) in the lucky attack"t last night on "Mossad vehicles"so they claim, near the American consulate in Erbil in northern Iraq. In a report by the Regional Security Council …

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Report: Abu Mazen transferred some of his powers due to his health condition

Yu"The head of the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen, transferred some of his powers to the MoZ"To the executive committee of Asaf, Hussein al-Sheikh due to his health condition. This was reported this evening (Saturday) on the British BBC network in the Arabic language. Senior officials in the Palestinian Authority denied …

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