Traffic and Transportation

Traffic and transportation , regular reports from the Ministry of Transportation on changes and innovations on the country’s roads, legislation and more. 24-hour reports of road accidents and traffic congestion.

A driver was stopped for a test where it turned out that he was unfit to drive – his car was disabled for 60 days

The motorcycle patrol officers in the Traffic Division, who were engaged in proactive enforcement activity in Rahat against life-threatening offenses, signaled the driver to stop, upon examination it was clarified that the driver, a resident of Rahat (26), was disqualified from driving by the court. The driver was arrested, jailed …

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Traffic Division detectives arrested a taxi driver who was disqualified from driving for five years

In an initiative activity of the central unit of the Traffic Division (Yam"r you"n), against traffic offenders who commit serious traffic offenses, including driving disqualifications, the detectives of the unit acted against a suspect of driving while disqualified who is serving a five-year disqualification sentence. The suspect, a 56-year-old resident …

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Caught traveling at an abnormal speed of 194 km"Q on Route 1, was brought to a hearing and his license was seized

The Israel Police carries out increased and determined activity against life-threatening offenses in order to deter and track down lawbreakers who endanger all road users. Today (Sunday), as part of an enforcement activity on Highway 1 near Almog, the speed of a car driven by a driver was measured with …

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Watch the documentary: Pursuit of a motorcycle rider and an SUV in the area of ​​the Sdot Negev Regional Council

Today (Friday), as part of an activity by Mag fighters and volunteers"In the south, the tactical brigade, Yes"From the Negev, the Yoav unit and with the assistance of the air unit and KEC"The forces were deployed in an extensive array in the Sdot Negev Regional Council area as part of …

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Tza"To inform the servants: in the coming week there will be changes in train traffic

marsh"They published a notice yesterday (Thursday) to update the servants regarding changes in train traffic. The announcement stated that starting yesterday at 11:30 p.m., until Saturday, July 30, at 04:00 a.m., significant changes will apply to train traffic. For the main changes and instructions you can go toYou"C. For more …

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Israel Railways: due to repair work, Modi’in station will be temporarily closed

Due to the need for spot repairs to the plaster coverings on the ceilings of the platforms of Modi’in Central Station, the Israel Railways published a notice according to which, starting today (Thursday) until the end of"Q (including), the Modi’in center station will be temporarily closed for service, and trains …

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