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Traffic and transportation , regular reports from the Ministry of Transportation on changes and innovations on the country’s roads, legislation and more. 24-hour reports of road accidents and traffic congestion.

Minister Regev: “The Houthis’ takeover of the ship requires us to prepare accordingly”

The Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, Brigadier General (ret.) Miri Regev, the Deputy Minister, Uri Makleb, and the Director General of the Ministry, Moshe Ben Zakan, today (Wednesday) held a situation assessment at the Ministry’s headquarters together with the authorities and the Ministry’s subsidiaries. During the discussion, the chairmen …

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He doesn’t learn a lesson: driving is illegal for the seventh time he was caught driving on the shul

As part of the traffic division’s activity against offenses that are a cause of traffic accidents and against traffic offenders who commit repeated offenses, a driver who is driving on the curb was arrested. During an enforcement activity of the Traffic Division on Route 6, a commander from the Southern …

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Israel Railways: new tracks were laid to connect the seaports in Ashdod and Haifa

Alongside the many efforts to continue the functional continuity of Israel Railways for the benefit of security needs and maintaining the strength of the home front, Israel Railways continues to develop and promote strategic projects of great importance. Even these days, these projects are carried out and significant achievements are …

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The Israel Defense Forces is operating as usual: since the beginning of the war, 423,000 Israelis have entered Israel

About 11,200 passengers will pass through Ben Gurion Airport today (Tuesday) on 77 incoming and outgoing international flights. The Airports Authority reported that from the beginning of the war on October 7 until today, approximately 423,000 Israelis have entered Israel. The Airports Authority advises passengers to follow the latest flight …

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Expanding lanes and building a new interchange – this is what Route 6 will look like by the end of 2028

Another step in the progress of the Highway 6 expansion project, the cost of which is estimated at NIS 4 billion. The Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety and the Ministry of Finance announced today (Wednesday) the completion of the financial closure for the expansion and upgrade project of Route …

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At a good time: the “Heart of Samaria” road is officially opened to traffic

A section of the ‘Heart of Samaria’ road (bypassing Havara) was officially opened to traffic today (Sunday). In the early hours of the morning, the “Samaria” brigade held a brigade defense exercise in the area of ​​the section, before it was opened. In recent months, commanders from the Samaria Brigade …

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The underground light rail stations in Gush Dan will remain open on the weekend

The Dankel company, which operates the light rail in Gush Dan, updates today (Friday) that according to the instructions of the Home Front Command, all the underground stations of the light rail will remain open during the weekend. Today, Friday, 10.11 until 23:00 and tomorrow, Saturday, 11.11, from 07:00 in …

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A 23-year-old resident of Ashdod was arrested on suspicion of driving wildly with his vehicle on the sidewalk

The Israel Police arrested last night (Thursday) a 23-year-old resident of Ashdod, after allegedly driving wildly on a sidewalk while endangering road users. The Israel Police opened an investigation following documentation that came to the investigators, in which a vehicle was observed driving wildly and dangerously on a sidewalk in …

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