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Report: One in four Jews in the United States fell victim in 2021 to an antisemitic attack

A report published by the Ministry of Diaspora shows that there has been an increase in manifestations of anti-Semitism in 2021 around the world, against the background of Operation The Guardian and the Corona epidemic. The report was published ahead of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which will be marked …

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Diplomatic meeting between representatives of Russia and the United States"In the context of sending Russian troops to the Ukrainian border

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met today (Friday) in Geneva, Switzerland, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, amid the crisis on the Ukrainian border and after Russia sent about 100,000 troops to the border. Despite Russian denials about a planned invasion of Ukraine, USA"B. Take extra care and try …

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day: In the past year, anti-Semitism has continued to pose a challenge and even a threat to Jewish communities

On the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Anti-Defamation League summarizes the phenomenon of anti-Semitism around the world in the past year and notes that hatred of Jews and Israel has continued to thrive. Among the notable events this year: • Rising antisemitic events around the world around Operation …

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The effect of the hostage event in Texas: Leaders of Jewish communities in the United States"B. Returning the war on anti-Semitism

The leaders of the Jewish communities in the United States"They were shocked by the hostage-taking incident at a synagogue in Texas, and decided to return the war on anti-Semitism to the table. In the exposure of the news agency AP The decision comes in the wake of the hostages’ testimonies …

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USA"B: The deployment of the 5G network has been postponed, the media networks are blaming the administration

US communications networks"B. agreed today (Wednesday) to postpone once again, the deployment of the 5G network in a number of airports in the country, after some airlines claim the network could impair aircraft capabilities by damaging navigation systems, a case created due to lack of planning and proper infrastructure by …

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Tensions on Russia-Ukraine border: USA"In believes that "Russia can launch an offensive at any stage"

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will meet this week with his Russian counterpart in Switzerland, when tensions between the United States"Russia is worsening over Russia’s possible invasion of Ukraine, the US State Department said Tuesday."In, according to the AP news agency. The State Department announced that Blink would travel to …

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