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An explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid – a Ukrainian employee was injured

An explosion occurred today (Wednesday) at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid. According to officials, a Ukrainian employee was injured while handling a letter addressed to the country’s ambassador to Spain, which apparently contained an improvised bomb. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain said that the person was slightly injured …

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Received a slap: a woman slapped the French president during a meeting – and was arrested by his security guards

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, met with a number of French citizens today (Sunday) and did not expect such a reception. The French president approached the residents who were standing there waiting for him and as he was reaching them, a woman approached him and simply slapped him in …

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Report: Iran will help the Russians build hundreds of ships"Tim commits suicide

The Washington Post published today (Saturday) that after months in which Mel"Iranian-made drones are wreaking havoc across Ukraine, Moscow has reached an agreement with Tehran to begin production of hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles on Russian soil, according to new intelligence from Western security agencies. The two countries are moving …

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