Privacy Policy

1. The “Privacy Policy” below governs how we, Live Flash, red color. And / or the related companies, hereinafter: the “Company”, store and use personal information that we receive and / or collect from our customers as defined in the terms of use.

2. What is stated in our privacy policy is worded only for convenience in the masculine language but addresses each gender equally.

3. The titles as they exist are for convenience only.

4. The Privacy Policy below constitutes only a part of the Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) Any defined term which is not defined in this Privacy Policy, shall be construed in accordance with the Terms of Use.

5. MivzakLive reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy published on the MivzakLive website, according to changes in the regulation and / or at any time at its discretion and / or the relevant circumstances.

6. The Privacy Policy below presents information about the data about use we make or may be made about information we collect or provide to you, about you or others through the Site, our Apps or otherwise.

7. This policy applies to information collected that relates to you or others as stated above, within the framework of information that we can reasonably identify. We will try to shed light on what information we collect and / or may collect about you, how much the information we collect about you will personally identify you (and not for example only as part of statistics), how we keep the information collected about you, what use has been and / or may be made and to which third parties we May provide the information about you, and under what circumstances, as well as other matters related to our privacy policy.

8. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please stop browsing and any other use of the Sites, immediately.

Collection of information

9. In general, the types of information that may be collected and processed in it may vary and often depend on the type of engagement and / or our engagements with you. We will always respect your privacy, and if and when we collect and process information in computerized systems this will be done if the information is required by us for the purposes permitted by law only and listed below, including to provide the services and / or products and / or to protect our rights and / or those of others , In accordance with, inter alia, the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 (the “Protection of Privacy Law”) and the other legal provisions and / or regulations and / or regulations of the regulator that apply to us.

10. If you do not wish to provide information, or you do not agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy, you do not normally have a legal obligation to do so, but you may not be able to receive some of the Services from us or purchase some of the Products. At the same time, there are types of information that are required by virtue of certain laws (e.g. anti-money laundering laws).

11. Please note that the information in this privacy policy is in addition to instructions regarding privacy that may have been provided and / or provided to you separately, for example in the framework of the products you have purchased and / or in the framework of our terms of use. We encourage you to review all of the information we provide about your privacy.

12. In all contact with us, you undertake to provide us with only correct, accurate and complete details about you, as requested, among other things, in the registration form on the website. You undertake to update us in the event of any changes to any details you have provided to the Company. The company or anyone on its behalf will be entitled to demand the renewal of the provision of information and / or the renewal of details at its sole discretion.

13. You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password on the Company’s website and undertake to notify the Company immediately of any unauthorized use of your password and / or any other breach of confidentiality.

14. You bear full and exclusive responsibility for all actions performed on your username and personal password. Therefore, we do not recommend that you provide your personal password with the help of which you identify yourself on the site, or any information in connection with how you connect to the site to any other third party. If you choose to share this information with any third parties, you will be responsible for all actions taken on your username and personal password.

15. We collect and / or may in the future collect information and / or data in connection with the provision of our services and / or in connection with the products. This information may include, depending on the service provided in the products or your connection with us and subject to any law, including: ID information and contact details, including name, ID number, residential address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, financial information, including bank account information , Credit card number and validity, history and credit rating, income, assets and property. Telephone recordings and information extracted therefrom as well as information available to us for use by law, such as information from state databases, databases of credit data service companies, and information about previous contact with other providers, including any additional database and any other database established by law.

16. We collect and / or may in the future collect information and / or data in connection with the provision of our services and / or in connection with the products. Information that will be received from you in all communication with the company, including through the use of chat, email and various applications. Our, information about the device through which you contacted us, additional information as stated in this privacy policy.

17. We reserve the right to make customized offers for information collected from us and / or to make marketing offers based on consumer behavior.

18. If you provide us with information about another person, you must inform him in advance that you will provide his details, and obtain his consent to the use of information about him in accordance with this privacy policy. If you agree with another person’s name for advertisements for example, you must also make sure in advance that he agrees to it.

19. Your right to review the information about you that you may review (as defined in section 7 of the Privacy Protection Act) and to the extent that we hold such information. In order to do so, you must submit a written request to the Public Inquiries Bureau of MivzakLive, by one of the means of contacting us.

20. In accordance with the Company’s policy regarding the privacy and confidentiality of the information, we will keep your information, we will not trade it, we will not sell it and we will not pass it on to others for any use, except as stated in this document.
Use and delivery of information

21. The information we collect and / or will collect in the future is intended primarily for the purpose of providing our services and the delivery of the products. The purposes of use include, but are not limited to, the following:

22. Delivery of information about the products, including information that we are obligated to send and other useful information, including for the purpose of contacting you and / or others in connection with our products and the services we provide within their framework.

23. We may disclose any information that comes to us under any directive or legal order in accordance with our compliance with our legal requirements, such as compliance with judicial and governmental orders, including that of foreign authorities, if we believe we are required to comply with them.

24. We may use the information and / or disclose the information in order to protect our and others’ legal rights.

25. We may make use of and / or disclose information in light of compliance with procedures and policies, such as book auditing, information security, billing and collection as well as for the purpose of keeping records and documents.

26. We may use and / or disclose information for the purpose of making decisions about the services offered to you, and / or for the purpose of legal proceedings that are required.

27. We may use and / or disclose information for the purpose of improving our services and / or improving work processes, including market research and surveys and / or for the purpose of analyzing the user experience.

28. We may use and / or disclose information for the purpose of conducting research and processing by the Company and / or anyone on its behalf, including advanced information analysis tools.

29. We may use and / or disclose information for the purpose of conducting research for third parties. The Company may process, itself or through its subcontractors, the information collected in its systems (including information contained in the Central Database and combine it with information from other sources, including the Central Bureau of Statistics). (Aggregate), to avoid the possibility of identifying a particular person in a reasonable manner.

30. We may use and / or disclose information for the purpose of pricing our products and services.

31. We may use and / or disclose information for the purpose of our advertising and marketing and that of other members of our group and / or other partners, as well as for the purpose of exposing you to information about third party products and services provided with us, including personalized information, including law, including The Protection of Privacy Law and the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 1982 (the “Communications Law”).

32. We may use and / or disclose information for the purpose of improving the information we hold about you or related to you by law by using third party databases, including databases of official authorities that we may use and by cross-referencing information we hold. .

33. We may use and / or disclose information and we may transfer personal information to third parties in the course of our day-to-day operations, but only in accordance with the law and for the purpose of realizing our goals, according to any law, in accordance with your permission, or this policy our. Our suppliers may include other companies, but also third parties, including overseas.

34. In order to achieve the goals we are allowed under any law, we may transfer information to companies and suppliers such as: software personnel, banks, insurance companies, credit companies, credit rating companies, financial institutions, lawyers, experts, accountants, auditors, etc. .

35. We may use and / or disclose information to our other business partners, for example to providers of our services and related products for the purpose of direct marketing, advertising and mailing.

36. We may use and / or disclose information for the purpose of preventing fraud and / or unusual behaviors, including sharing personal information.

37. We may use and / or disclose information and transmit it in accordance with any law, including in response to orders from authorities and courts (including foreigners).

38. We may use and / or disclose information in the framework of negotiations and / or the sale of all our businesses, and / or in the framework of a legal and / or reorganizing accounting organization, merger, venture and / or joint ventures and / or any transaction and / or Other transactions relating to our business In such a case, the recipient of the information will be subject to the restrictions on the use of the information as applicable to us.

39. Emphasize that when you provide us with information and / or data about means of communication with you, you agree that we will use it to contact you, and / or send you mailings and advertisements on various topics. The means of communication include mail, e-mail, telephone and mobile phone (including for the purpose of recorded messages and short message messages – SMS), fax, social networks and other means.

40. At any time you have the right to ask us to be deleted from our mailing list for direct mail, by all means of mail, and / or we cease to send you an advertisement (as defined in section 30A of the Communications Law) by e-mail, short message (SMS), fax and recorded telephone message. To notify us of your desire to be deleted, please contact our customer service center or e-mail at the address stated in our terms of use and if you have previously informed us that you do not want us to contact you, and you do not receive advertisements, no further notice is required.

41. Please note that even if you request not to receive mailings or advertisements, you will continue to receive from us (by all means of communication) messages that the law allows us or requires us to send you (such as messages in connection with your services), even without consent.

42. Reports, information and updates regarding your products will be sent to our updated contact information at the time of shipment. Please note that updating your details regarding a particular service and / or product may lead to updating details in the service and / or other products and you can view your updated details at any time and update them in the personal area on the company’s website.

43. MivzakLive operates and / or reserves the right to operate a central database that includes information. This database can also be used for research purposes and / or to offer you various services and products that are tailored to your needs, among other things based on the information accumulated about you and / or according to the information processing and research that may be done in this database.

44. If you do not want us to use information about you for research purposes or for the purpose of offering various services and products tailored to your needs based on the information about you stored from around the group, you can let us know about your preference.

Cookies and third parties

45. Our websites and services may and / or make use of “cookies”, “web beacons”, pixels, and other and / or other systems that collect information and monitor the information and use of the websites.

46. ​​”Cookies” or “cookies” are strings of letters and numbers, which are stored in the computer (or mobile device) memory, and allow the information about you to be stored. Some cookies will expire at the end of browsing when your browser software is closed, and others will be stored in the memory of your computer (or device).

47. Cookies contain information about the user’s browsing habits, the pages you visited, the length of time you visited the sites, where you came from, pages and information you want to see when logging in, monitoring browsing and activity habits, your ISP information, IP address, device location, And more.

48. Cookies are used for various purposes: collecting statistics, verifying details, adjusting the site to your personal preferences, monitoring browsing habits and activities, browsing history, characterizing your uses of sites, improving service and user experience, advertising and marketing tailored to your preferences, information security, and other purposes.

49. Some of the cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the website, some are used for the purposes of control, evaluation and analysis, and some are used for the customization of marketing and advertising content that will be presented to you.

50. Some of the cookies and other systems that operate on the Sites are operated by and controlled by third parties, or as part of the service provided by those third parties within the Sites. Any use that these third parties make of cookies in network beacons, or any other similar technology, is subject to their own privacy policies. And you must know ours has no control over it.

51. The cookies and other technologies, for example for the purpose of identifying the mobile phone device, allow us and / or can allow us, among other things, to examine the actions you performed on the site and / or in the applications we operate and / or will operate in the future.

52. Cookies can also help us analyze how browsing and the actions of site users, and / or applications and / or e-mail writers, improve the browsing experience and service on the site and in applications customized for you.

53. We can make use of cookies in order to make business decisions regarding our products and services, as well as measure the percentage of responsiveness to our mailings, the success of our marketing campaigns, etc.

54. Through the cookies, among other things, we can receive information about actions you performed on the website and / or in the applications, and we also receive and / or can receive information about the computer and / or smartphone from which the browsing was performed, including these data: version and type of operating system. Screen type, browser type, IP address, the time you stayed on our website and / or on any page on our website, and / or the degree of charge of the battery in the device from which you browsed and / or your location and / or other matters.

55. You can delete, or completely stop using cookies, by changing the settings in your web browser. Blocking the use of cookies may harm the various options available to you as a user on some sites and services, as well as the quality of browsing and other actions on other websites. In some cases, deleting cookies will require you to re-enter your username and password before entering the various services. For more details about cookies, and the various options for blocking or deleting cookies, you can browse these links, depending on the type of browser you use:

GoogleChrome Browser:

Microsoft Internet Explorer :

Mozilla Firefox browser: Deleting cookies

Apple Safari : copyright

56. You can determine and define which types of cookies will be blocked and which will operate during your use of the websites, and which cookies you request to be vaccinated and refuse to accept.

57. Regarding third parties – Please note that our website and applications may include links to other websites or applications and that the service provided within them is not provided by us. Is not responsible for the privacy policies and information security of other sites even if our sites and / or applications refer to them. Please note that you are not obligated to use these sites and / or our site, in any case, the use of our site and / or related sites is at your own risk and subject to our and their terms of use and privacy policy.

58. We reserve the right to contact you at any time, inter alia, in response to your inquiries, and / or for the purpose of providing a service, and / or for marketing purposes (subject to the provisions of the law) and for other purposes permitted by law. (The copyright in this document belongs to the Services and Holdings Company)

59. We reserve the right to contact you for information in any surveys we may conduct. Participation in the surveys is on a voluntary basis and any information provided to us through the survey will be used by us to improve the service and / or change the service and / or the nature of the service and / or to monitor your satisfaction with our website and / or our applications and / or any use Other that we are allowed by law. Copyright of

Information security

60. MivzakLive takes information security and encryption measures that in its opinion are appropriate for the information in its possession, and in accordance with any law. For this purpose, MivzakLive uses reasonable security measures that comply with the standards used in the Internet industry in Israel, including encryption and other protections. MivzakLive leads strict rules for the protection of privacy and regarding all information in its possession and confidentiality, and without worse MivzakLive acts against errors in the use of the information provided to it and / or against any unauthorized intrusion and / or hacking of its information.

61. MivzakLive uses, among other things, administrative, physical and technical tools that are used together to protect all information stored on the site and in applications, while periodically examining the degree of durability of the system.

62. It is not possible to completely avoid all the risks and despite the efforts of Flash Live, there may be a risk of intrusion into the databases. As long as MivzakLive continues and takes reasonable security measures, MivzakLive will not be liable for any damage caused as a result of such unauthorized intrusion and / or transfer of information to a third party due to such intrusion.

63. There is an option that we will offer you information by regular mail, on the website, by fax, at the call center or by e-mail. We take various and varied security measures to make sure that information about you is provided only to you, but it is important to note that effective security also depends on you, the user. For example, if you do not update your new residential address, it is likely that important and sensitive mailings will reach your previous address. If your e-mail address registered with us is incorrect, it is likely that the mailing will reach the address registered with us, and not to you. If you disclose and / or share your password for accessing your website or e-mail box with others, or if the computer you use is infected with a virus, information about you may be accessible to others and we will not be responsible for it.

General warning

64. Sometimes, on certain issues you can choose to transfer documents and information to us through mobile and software applications (such as Facebook, messaging software, etc.). Please note that the use of these applications is not secured by us and is subject to the terms of use of each application itself in accordance with its privacy policy, and we will have no responsibility in this regard.

65. In accordance with the law, we will sometimes pass on to third parties aggregated information for various purposes, such as research or other purposes of those parties. In these cases, we will take steps to ensure that this information is conveyed in a way that makes it difficult to identify you or others personally.

66. In the matter of online fraud – “phishing”, etc., it is possible that various parties will try to infiltrate the website or applications by using the means of identification you have received from us. Therefore, never give your username or password to anyone.

67. Various malicious entities may try to obtain your password and other details of your identification fraudulently from you. For the purpose of the example, there is a danger that they will try to contact you with a fake e-mail, copying the trademarks and design of MivzakLive (or another reputable company), and asking you to provide personal information and / or your identification information (passwords, users, etc.), sometimes using On the pretext that the information is required due to “security reasons”, “system upgrades” and similar excuses. Sometimes the fake email will have a link to a fake website, which is an exact imitation of our official website (or of any other reputable company). In this way, malicious people are illegally trying to obtain your credentials in order to gain access to your accounts. If you enter the password on the fake website, the information will pass to crooks, who will use it. Therefore, beware of fake emails.

68. Pay attention and I will be especially vigilant in the face of inquiries that have not been addressed to you personally, or inquiries that have another malfunction and for example spelling and / or grammar errors, or inquiries that are not expected. If there are links in the suspicious message, hover your mouse over the link in the message. In many cases, although the link will look like it points to the official site, when you hover over it with the mouse you will see a different URL of another site, sometimes a URL similar to the original URL (maliciously to mislead). In case of doubt, log in to our official website by typing in the full address in the browser (or by searching in a search engine), and do not log in from a link sent to you by e-mail in a suspicious message, unless you are sure it was sent to you by us. Do not open attachments unless you expect them and are sure they were sent to you from us.

69. Please note – We will never contact our customers in an email in which they will be asked to provide their confidential information and / or their secret personal code via email. Therefore, do not respond by email to this type of request sent by email, and do not give your username and password to anyone.

70. We recommend that you take additional security measures. For example, use the security options of the operating system on your computer, be sure to install antivirus software on your computer, install all available updates on your computer (it is usually recommended to run an automatic update for this purpose), avoid downloading from suspicious and / or unofficial sites, Avoid sharing sensitive information on social networks (this sensitive information may be used by fraudsters who may impersonate you), enable encryption and security when using a wireless network, and avoid including your information on public computers (such as Internet cafes) or public WIFI networks – unless you are sure your communications are encrypted And properly secured.

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