Ministry of Health: Steep increase in influenza morbidity in Israel

According to data from the National Center for Disease Control, as of last week, 1,088 hospitalized patients have been reported since the beginning of the season, including 401 children and 70 mothers and pregnant women. Most patients were infected with the influenza A virus, which was identified in the Central Virus Laboratory as a sub-type A / H3 influenza, which is included in the influenza vaccine given this season in Israel.

Influenza morbidity in the country today includes children, adolescents, young adults and pregnant women, and is on the rise. Influenza virus can cause serious illness, such as pneumonia, other respiratory complications, myocarditis and even death.

The Ministry of Health emphasizes the importance of getting vaccinated against the flu these days and calls on the general public from the age of 6 months and up to get vaccinated against the flu. The flu vaccine can be given together with the corona vaccine or at any time interval from it.

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