345,000 employees have been notified of the extension of the tax adjustment for 2022

As part of the Tax Authority’s service improvement on tax twins, about 345,000 employees were sent validity extensions for tax coordination certificates, so that they will also be valid for 2022. In addition, validity extensions were sent to 11,000 parents of children with disabilities.

These extensions were sent to employees whose income and personal data (employer identity, marital status and other data affecting tax liability) have not changed substantially in a number of years. They save those employees the need to make a new tax adjustment for 2022.

Employees who have received validity extensions but have a change in their income or personal data in 2022 can make an up-to-date tax adjustment during 2022 using theOnline tax coordination application.

By the end of 2021, the tax coordination certificates held this year can be found atPersonal area On the website of the Tax Authority.

Employees who have not been notified of the extension of the tax adjustment will still be entitled to a two-month extension to the validity of the salary adjustment certificates for salary, which were issued to employers in the previous year. That is, until the February salary is paid or until March 13th.

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