Deri after signing the plea agreement: "Thanks to the Creator of the world for ending 7 years of excruciating interrogation"

Ha"Aryeh Deri responded recently (Thursday) to his signing a plea agreement, after 7 years of investigation.

"I thank the Creator of the world for ending almost 7 years of torturous interrogation that was for my family and for me an unbearably difficult time. The investigation began with a loud noise, with very serious suspicions, and ended as defined by Attorney General Dr. Avichai Mandblit in the words: “Not even a mouse was born from this case.". With regard to tax disputes, I have decided to take responsibility for mistakes made without malicious intent, in order to put the affair behind me and save the conduct of an entire trial in the matter. I thank a lawyer"D. Navot Tel Tzur for his dedicated work. I will continue to focus on my public activities and lead the Q movement"S. in full force and faith." Deri wrote on his Twitter account.

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