An Israeli model published a nude photo of herself on the social network and there is a reason for it

The model and star "Big Brother"Diane Schwartz shared with her followers in a story on the Instagram page a nude photo of her that was distributed on social networks and emphasized that it was a fake photo.

Diane Schwartz
Screenshot from: Instagram,

Schwartz uploaded the fake photo and next to it the original photo in which she is wearing a swimsuit and wrote: "good week? Not so! I am shocked. It turns out that he wanted a fake picture of me naked! A man gets up in the morning, takes a picture in a swimsuit, puts a naked body on it and spreads it everywhere. Has anyone gone crazy?".

"There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and what it is going to bring" Diane added, "But someone overdid it and took it one step too far".

Diane asked not to continue spreading the fake photo "Don’t touch these things. It could have been a young girl who doesn’t know how to deal with it. Scary"

Diane Schwartz
Screenshot from: Instagram,

The model addressed the comments about the fact that she is actually now distributing the photo herself and giving it a platform and replied: "There were those who asked me why I gave up my privacy when I published what happened to me, and basically gave a platform to these perverts. this is the reason. Because I know how a young (and not young) girl might react in such a situation. Don’t give it a hand! I will continue to fight these shocking phenomena, and I hope that no woman will ever experience this or that".

Diane also shared in her story the responses she received, including someone who wrote to her: "Mother, I would kill myself if they did something like that to me".

We emphasize that distributing nude photos or nude videos of a person on social networks without the consent of the person photographed is a criminal offense punishable by up to five years in prison.

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